ecostallThe Electronic Setworks increases productivity using easy-to-use setworks to precisely position the head for the next cut.

  • Exact setting of cutting +/- 0.1 mm
  • Simple pre-selection of dimensions
  • Several different ranges can be mixed from the same block
  • Digital elevation view of the large and bright display
  • All planks get precise dimensions
  • No manual calculations – simple to add first cut and to know that last plank gets the right dimension, any calculation of dimensions and blade width is done automatically.

Electronic Setworks results in quick and precise cuts

sagEnter all the boards in a block into the setworks before cutting the log (see image on the right):

  1. Key in the dimensions you want from the block, starting from the bottom:
    • Press button 25 twice
    • Press button 50 once
    • Press button 19 once
  2. Lift the saw blades over the block with the hydraulic lever
  3. Press the ”Set” button and the saw will automatically lower itself to the correct level to cut the first cut
  4. When the cut is complete, raise the saw with the hydraulic lever and reverse the saw to the starting position.
  5. Press the ”Set” button again and the saw lowers to the correct level to cut the next preselected board.

ecostall2Technical data:

  • 36 predefined dimensions
  • 30 custom defined dimensions
  • Digital display of saw high position
  • Digital display of number of boards entered
  • The setworks control and adjust the saw unit to exact position
  • Robusta tryckknappar som kan hanteras med handskarna på.
  • Protected cover IP 65
  • Resolution +/- 0.1 mm

Easy to use – fast input of dimensions