fras1Ecofräsen, a log molder for log house production. Placed on Ecosågens saw frame, as a separate unit. The log is cut down to the appropriate block width using the Ecosågen saw blade unit. After this saw operation, the two remaining surfaces are milled using Ecofräsen.

The log molder is equipped with two cutters driven by an electric motor.
One cutter is equipped with cutter steel that provides rounding of stock. The second cutter is equipped with cutter steel which gives the milled groove, in which sealing material can then be placed.

The cutter house can easily be rotated forward or backward and activate one or the other cutter.

Ecosågens clampers automatically centers the log on the saw frame so that the log ends up exactly in the center of the log molder.

Technical data:

Max cutting high
Min cutting high
Block with
Power requirement
High adjustment
50 cm
10 cm
4″ – 8″
4 kw
8,5 A